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Welcome to IXION, the city-building game that puts you at the helm of the Tiqqun – a prototype space station adrift on which the remnants of humanity must find refuge. Your job is to establish, maintain and develop Tiqqun’s infrastructure, while managing the station’s population and deciding how best to respond to their requests to keep their trust in you and the mission.

In IXION, everything revolves around choices and consequences. Every action you take can lead to a different outcome and will determine whether humanity will survive or become extinct. Your decisions affect the station’s infrastructure, the population and the mission as a whole. There are no easy solutions, but if you are vigilant, constantly assessing and reassessing, learning and adapting, you can face the dangers of space and make the mission a success.

Maintain your crew’s trust in the company that started this venture, or face failure and mutiny. Six sectors can be unlocked within the station, each capable of housing more people, supporting new jobs, and providing the ability to monitor the crew with the Data Listening System. But beware, other groups of survivors are also looking for a new home and will cross your path. Navigate on the failures and wrecks of others and make the right choices to reach the final destination.

As the administrator of Tiqqun, you are responsible for maintaining the infrastructure, modifying the station and finding new ways to maintain your settlement. But space is a dangerous place with hull breaches, overloaded power supplies, and electrical fires that can occur. It’s up to you to manage these risks, deal with emergencies, create emergency power solutions, and enable Extra Vehicular Activity.

Assemble your team and explore the new star charts, send out probes to discover what is hidden, create mining and cargo ships to find resources, run scientific expeditions to discover the secrets and threats you will find out there in space. Meet other survivors and involve them in your mission, goal – survival.

In IXION, we rely on DOLOS A.E.C. to lead us to a new home for humanity. Now it is up to you, as administrator of the Tiqqun, to make the difference between survival and extinction. Use your strategic and leadership skills to maintain, expand and populate the space station with Earth’s survivors.

But beware, because space is full of dangers and challenges. You must not only set up and maintain the station’s infrastructure, but also manage the population and make decisions that affect their well-being and trust in you and the mission. And then there are other factions of survivors you may encounter and have to deal with.

But there are also opportunities and discoveries to be found in space. Explore new star charts, send out probes to discover hidden treasures, create mining and cargo ships to find resources, and launch scientific expeditions to unravel the secrets of space.

Can you modify, improve and develop the Tiqqun station into a new home for humanity? Or will the fate of humanity fail in your hands? Join the ultimate city builder in space and discover what IXION has in store for you.