The chat is an important part of communicating with my viewers during the live streams on my YouTube channel. There are a number of rules to ensure that this runs smoothly:

  • Be kind to each other.
  • If I see sexism, racism, homophobia, trolling or general arguing, you’ll probably be banned.
  • No political statements in the chat.
  • Don’t ask me to play another game. That’s rude to me and also to all other viewers who may not share your personal preferences.
  • We only communicate in Dutch or English.
  • Posting links is not allowed
  • Advertising your own YouTube channel without my permission is not allowed.
  • Do not ask to become a moderator.
  • The moderators are god. I will always support their decisions. Hell, I usually think they’re waaaaaay too nice, so if they ban you, I’m 100% sure you deserve it.
  • But but… freedom of speech?!?

This list is not exhaustive and can be modified if necessary.